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ExecuJet opens interiors showroom in Zurich

Zurich, December 13, 2008

The ExecuJet Aviation Group has opened its new aircraft interiors showroom at its headquarters in Zurich Airport, Switzerland.

Swiss-based ExecuJet Aviation Group has operations in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia Pacific and the Americas, embracing a workforce of over 750 experienced staff. 

The spacious and dedicated showroom is conveniently located above the company’s Fixed Based Operation (FBO).

Clients can now visit the showroom to specify their aircraft interiors and carefully select all finishes before ExecuJet visually displays the proposed interior on a large plasma screen by using computer aided design software, said a company official.

"First to visit is a new customer from the Middle East who ratified an agreement with ExecuJet at last month’s Meba air show to design the interior of a newly-acquired Bombardier Global Express aircraft," said ExecuJet Head of Completions Management Pascal Jallier.

“This facility is a true A to Z of interiors with 60 of the biggest luxury material houses in Europe and beyond showcasing their materials here. We are thrilled at the great support they have each given us, providing us with a terrific sample range of products all under one roof,” he added.

Participating brands include Aeristo, Scott Group, Kalogridis, Edelman Leather, Townsend Leather, Maison Lipari, AIP and Techno Coatings).

Silk has also been sourced from Jim Thompson of Asia, among others.
On show is a large range of wood veneers, a wide selection of leather qualities such as calf, lamb and buffalo as well as countless fabrics including silk, cotton and velour.

The showroom boasts of an extensive selection of plating in various shades of gold and platinum and all grades of carpet including hand tufted cashmere, silk and some 500 samples of coloured wool balls.

The showroom also features an extensive range of accessories including cashmere blankets, towels and china ware that are all part of the VIP amenities packages.

“We have invested in this facility for our clients to give them a one stop shop when planning their aircraft interiors. Everything can be planned on site from wood for the tables and sideboards to the colour and feel of luxury inflight blankets,” commented Gerrit Basson, managing director ExecuJet Aviation Group.

“Previously our representatives have been travelling to clients all over the world carrying large cases of samples, but this showroom offers a far wider variety enabling the interiors to be planned on site in comfort using our computers and state of the art design software," Basson noted.

"Zurich’s location in the heart of Europe makes this facility very accessible and we foresee that OEMs and completion centres will choose to visit us too," he added.

ExecuJet’s showroom has been designed inhouse by the company’s interiors specialist Pavina Papé.

She has used neutral stone and slate colours to create a stylish, minimalist look that does not detract from the products and materials showcased, Basson said.

This is a project that has taken almost a year to come to fruition. Back lighting is complemented by glass and furniture has been sourced from designer Ron Arad.

ExecuJet’s Completions Division works hand in hand with the OEMs as soon an aircraft deal, new or pre-owned, is concluded with a customer.

Complementing its interiors expertise, ExecuJet has a wealth of accreditations in MRO and technical services operating over 150 private jets on management contracts on eight Aircraft Operators Certificates (AOCs) around the world.

ExecuJet works primarily with Bombardier, reflecting the close relationship that the two companies enjoy, but with this new showroom it is confident of drawing more work from other manufacturers.

ExecuJet has also already worked on Falcon, Gulfstream and Citation families. “We don’t go for the cookie cutter ap

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