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Dubai Customs showcases ‘Robotic Inspector’

DUBAI, April 1, 2015

Dubai Customs showcase the first-of-its-kind Robotic Inspector at the Dubai Government Achievements Exhibition, which concluded today in the emirate.

The robust robotic device comprises a set of special gauges and detectors for narcotics, explosives, harmful radiations, as well as a camcorder that streams live feed while containers inspections, said a statement.

It can be used in large vehicles inspection and will help in reducing the needed time for inspection. It will also help officers avoid dealing with shipments suspected of containing narcotics, explosives or radioactive materials, it said.

Ahmed Siddiq AlBloushi, duty manager at Hatta Customs Centre and innovator of the Robotic Inspector, remarked that he was inspired by a remote-controlled toy.

When their suspicions are raised towards a certain shipment, inspectors will call on the Robotic Inspector to examine it and ensure it doesn’t pose a risk to inspectors, who can then approach and inspect it.

The camcorder can capture high-resolution videos from as far as three km from the suspicious shipment and stream a live feed to be monitored by the inspector.

Meanwhile, the ‘Safe Customs Inspector’ caught the eyes of the visitors, while this newly introduced project corresponds to the finest details of a customs inspector daily routines.

Jamal Bin Dasmal, support and special units manager at the Technical Support Department, said: “This model is set to clear any health and safety issues that may be facing a field inspector, whether in confined spaces or in the bottom part of dhows. The model consists of a head protection (cap), protective glasses (day/night), moisture wicking jacket and protective hand gloves.

“It also includes a radioactive gauge in order to warn the inspector when approaching a radiation contaminated area. This gadget is periodically examined every three months to determine the exposure level of an inspector, and based on the findings, the inspector may be recommended away from the workplace until the radiation rates are back to normal level.

“The model as well includes a respirator mask for ensuring the optimal protection from repulsive scents and fumes, besides a gas detection gauge, for measuring the level of oxygen in confined areas, in addition to detecting poisonous gases. The fitted-in camcorder is set to document inspection operations in order to preserve the rights of both the inspector and the clients, besides using the recorded footage for  training purposes.”

Another innovative idea of Dubai Customs is the ‘inspection motor bike,’ which will be equipped with the inspection and clearance system.

Using the bike, a customs inspector can commute to the physical location of the truck undergoing inspection in order to finalise the inspection and clearance processes on the spot, while issuing the customs declaration.

Thus, concluding the whole customs procedures can be done without the need for moving the truck. The bike has the capacity to manoeuvre rough terrain at ease. - TradeArabia News Service

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