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Outcry against Iran’s interference in Bahrain’s affairs

MANAMA, July 25, 2015

Iran’s repeated flagrant and unacceptable interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs was strongly condemned yesterday (July 24).

Religious leaders, scholars, clerics, MPs, Shura members, tribes, trade unions, sport clubs, youth associations, members of the business community and citizens joined a national outcry against ‘irresponsible’ statements made by Ali Khamenei, said a report in the Gulf Daily News (GDN), our sister publication.

The Sunni Endowments Directorate denounced the statements as a blatant encroachment of the kingdom’s sovereignty and independence.

Khamenei’s hostile remarks contravene the principles of good neighbourliness, as well as the charters of the UN and the Organisation of Islamic Co-operation and the norms of international law which all affirm respect for countries’ independence and reject all forms of interference, it said.

Information Minister Isa Al Hammadi rejected Iran’s continuous blatant interference.

“Promoting politicised and sectarian-tainted religious discourse is a losing bet,” he tweeted.

“Sincere national stances should be steadfast and firm and say “NO” to flagrant Iranian interference in Bahrain’s internal affairs,” he said.

#No to Iranian_interference#Bahrain attracted a massive following as Bahrainis as well as their friends reacted with wide-ranging condemnation of the Iranian leadership’s provocative statements against Bahrain’s sovereignty.

The National Unity Assemby (NUA) called the Iranian statements ‘a declaration of war’ and urged the people of Bahrain and the GCC governments to remain on the alert.

It accused the world of paving the way for Iran to expand its hegemony in Iraq, Syria, Lebanon and Yemen.

The NUA said the Foreign Ministry should file a complaint with the UN, Security Council and the International Court of Justice.

Shura member Dhiya Al Mousawi said Iran’s interference is endless, noting that the Iranians are crisis-mongers who sell slogans and tell lies to brainwash people.

He stressed that Iran is behind the destruction and chaos in Yemen, Lebanon and Iraq for the sake of reviving their dead empire.

While the Iranians claim that they protect Shi’ites and raise the banner of freedom, he said they humiliated Shi’ite scholars, religious figures and punished citizens who use Twitter, YouTube or even satellite dishes.

Parliament foreign affairs, defence and national security committee member Abdulrahman Rashid Bumajid slammed all forms of Iranian interference, including hostile and irresponsible political stances, export of terrorism, smuggling of weapons and explosives, harbouring of criminals and incitement of sectarian sedition. - TradeArabia News Service

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