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Volkswagen launches new Golf GTI

Dubai, August 5, 2009

Volkswagen Middle East recently launched its new sixth generation of the Golf GTI, a nifty sport compact.

Since the debut of the first and the discontinuation of the fifth generation, more than 1.7 million buyers made the GTI to the world’s bestseller. Now this is being followed up by the sixth GTI, whose chassis systems feature a standard electronic transverse differential lock (XDS).

The new GTI can speed at 240 km/hr fast, while its 155 kW / 210 hp turbo engine consumes only 7.3 litres super unleaded (0.7 l/100 km improvement). It also delivers audible dynamics with a sound generator and new exhaust system design (two tailpipes, one left and one right).

The TSI engine that is used in the sixth GTI is optimized for transverse mounting and has new components such as modified pistons and piston rings, a regulated oil pump, a new vacuum pump, a new high-pressure fuel pump and a new mass airflow sensor. When used in the most powerful Golf today, the engine fulfills limits of the Euro-5 emissions standard.

At a low 1,700 rpm, the engine already develops its maximum torque of 280 Newton-metre. And this reserve torque is available as a constant value – exhibiting an ideal plateau in the torque curve that is not really a curve any longer – up to 5,200 rpm. In practice, this means impressive power in all of life’s situations.

The maximum power of the sixteen-valve engine with 9.6:1 compression ratio can be tapped over a speed range from 5,300 to 6,200 rpm.

The resulting package delivers enormous propulsive force; the car completes its acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h in just 6.9 seconds, and the new Golf GTI handles a 1,000 meter sprint from a standstill in 27.3 seconds.

Just as impressive is the engine’s elasticity. In fifth gear, the Volkswagen accelerates from 80 to 120 km/h in just 7.5 seconds. Even in sixth gear it only takes 9.5 seconds. Not until 240 km/h is a balance reached between air resistance (cw = 0.324) and power. The tachometer indicates 5,900 rpm at this top speed.

Like the previous model, for the new GTI an optional 6-speed dual clutch transmission (DSG) will be offered as an alternative to the 6-speed manual transmission (including standard upshift recommendation as on the BlueMotion).

In this case, the Golf delivers a top speed of 238 km/h (at 5,920 rpm). Like the manually shifted GTI, the DSG version also accelerates to 100 km/h in 6.9 seconds. Its average fuel consumption of 7.4 litres (173 g/km CO²) nearly matches the excellent value of the manual transmission (7.3 litres).

The sixth Golf GTI is equipped with a sport chassis; its front end was lowered by 22 millimetres, and its rear by 15 millimetres. The entire architecture of springs, dampers and rear stabilizers was completely re-tuned. In front, the familiar strut-type suspension operates with helical springs and telescoping shock absorbers.

For the first time in a Volkswagen, the XDS electronic transverse differential lock is being used. It significantly improves traction and handling properties. Technically speaking, XDS is a functional extension of the electronic limited-slip differential (EDS) integrated in the ESP system.

In addition, the dynamic chassis control (DCC) system is available on the new GTI. It continually reacts to the roadway and driving situation and modifies the damper characteristic accordingly.

For the first time, the distance control system ACC (Adaptive Cruise Control) will be offered on the new Golf GTI. When ACC is activated, the system automatically brakes and accelerates the GTI within a speed window from 30 to 210 km/h.

Another high-end technology on the new Golf GTI is the optional Park Assist park steering assistant. The second generation of the system is used here. It enables nearly automatic back-up parking parallel to the roadway.

As an option, Volkswagen is offering the new Golf GTI with completely red

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