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Chevrolet to launch new electric vehicle

Dubai, December 17, 2009

US auto brand Chevrolet will launch the production version of the Chevrolet Volt, which belongs to a new class of vehicles known as the extended-range electric vehicle (E-REV), at the ongoing 10th Dubai International Motor Show.

The production version of the Volt delivers up to 60 kilometres of gasoline and emissions free electric driving, with an extended range capability of more than 480 kilometres, a statement said.

The Volt uses electricity to move the wheels at all times and speeds. For trips up to 60 km, the Volt is powered only by electricity stored in its 16-kWh, lithium-ion battery.

When the battery’s energy is depleted, a gasoline/E85-powered engine generator seamlessly provides electricity to power the Volt’s electric drive unit while simultaneously sustaining the charge of the battery.

This mode of operation extends the range of the Volt for several hundred additional kilometres, until the vehicle’s battery can be charged.

Unlike a conventional battery-electric vehicle, the Volt eliminates “range anxiety,” giving the confidence and peace of mind that the driver will not be stranded by a depleted battery.

The Volt can be plugged in to a standard household 230v outlet for charging.  The vehicle’s intelligent charging technology enables the Volt’s battery to be charged in less than three hours. Charge times are reduced if the battery has not been depleted.

More than 220 lithium-ion cells contained within the Volt’s battery pack provide ample power, while vehicle’s electric drive unit delivers the equivalent of 150 hp, 370 Nm of instant torque, and a top speed of 161 km/hr.

The lack of engine noise, combined with sound-deadening materials, makes the Volt an extremely quiet vehicle to drive, the statement said.

The design of the volt production car has evolved from the original concept. Because aerodynamics plays a key role in maximizing driving range, GM designers have created an aerodynamically efficient design for the production vehicle.

Many of the design cues from the concept vehicle endure in the production Volt, including the closed front grille, athletic stance, rear design graphics, outside rearview mirrors and more.

The Volt’s rounded and flush front fascia, tapered corners and grille are functional, enabling air to move easily around the car. At the rear, sharp edges and a carefully designed spoiler allow the air to flow off and away quickly. An aggressive rake on the windshield and rear screen help reduce turbulence and drag.

Inside, the Volt features modern controls and attractive materials, two informational displays, and a touch-sensitive infotainment centre with integrated shifter. – TradeArabia News Service

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