Thursday 13 June 2024

Acres debut expo ends on high note, nets big real estate deals

DUBAI, 23 days ago

The inaugural edition of Acres Real Estate Exhibition 2024, organised at the Dubai World Trade Centre, concluded on a high note on Monday, marking a significant milestone with substantial real estate deals for both local and international projects.
The event attracted a remarkable turnout of visitors, including citizens, residents, investors, and businessmen from within and outside the UAE.
During the four-day event, the exhibition showcased numerous mega real estate projects, many of which were revealed for the first time to the public. 
Such projects, both completed and under construction, captured the attention of visitors and investors, said the organisers.
They were displayed by leading local and international real estate firms, developers, and investors, alongside representatives from regional and global development companies. Exhibitors at the event put up on display a diverse selection of the latest and most significant real estate opportunities and projects from both within the UAE and beyond.
Many participating companies reported substantial real estate sales, driven by the high visitor turnout. 
According to the organisers, the expo saw the signing of numerous large-scale real estate deals, reflecting the wide range of options and investment opportunities offered by the participating companies and bodies. 
These opportunities included residential, commercial, and industrial properties, as well as land, presented with competitive and exclusive offers.
The event also featured various installment options, medium- and long-term payment plans, and financing options, all in cooperation with a large number of real estate developers and investors, they added.
Saeed Ghanem Al Suwaidi, Chairman of the Organising Committee of ACRES Dubai, said the expo's resounding success in its first edition reflects the continuous growth and prosperity of the real estate market in Dubai, affirming its status as a premier global destination for real estate investment.
"The exhibition not only proved its importance but also its capability to introduce new opportunities in the realm of real estate investment in Dubai and beyond. Furthermore, it contributed significantly to expanding horizons for promoting and developing the sector, thereby boosting investments," he noted.
Acres Real Estate Exhibition CEO Nawaf Obaid pointed out that the event provided a vital platform for both participants and visitors, not only to learn about key real estate developments in the UAE and the region, but also to engage with government officials tasked with shaping strategic plans and real estate legislation. 
It also provided an opportunity to enhance networking and business relationships among decision-makers in the real estate sector, major contractors, and leading engineering consultants. 
Additionally, the exhibition offered insights into the most significant real estate investment opportunities, both in the UAE and internationally, it added.


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