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Officials at the unveiling

M42 launches AI-powered tool to automate TB screening

ABU DHABI, May 15, 2024

M42, an Abu Dhabi-based global tech-enabled health powerhouse, has unveiled AIRIS-TB, an AI-powered chest X-ray for tuberculosis (TB) screening centres. 
The technology, which was revealed at Abu Dhabi Global Healthcare Week, uses advanced AI to detect abnormalities in chest X-rays and instantly flags abnormal results for further review by a radiologist. 
Developed by M42 and facilitated by M42’s Abu Dhabi Health Data Services, AIRIS-TB was tested in over one million scans over two years at Capital Health Screening Centre (CHSC), M42’s flagship visa screening centre. The pilot study findings revealed the tool can reduce radiologist workload by up to 80% while missing zero cases of TB.
Streamlining operations
The technology streamlines operations and expands the scope of visa screening beyond TB. Radiologists can use the time saved to detect other conditions and refer patients for follow-up, improving health outcomes and the visa screening experience for UAE residents. 
Ashish Koshy, Group Chief Operating Officer, M42, said: “Through advanced AI tech, we are pushing the boundaries of health to transform the regional and global healthcare system. As the largest health-tech company in the Middle East, M42 is committed to its vision of transforming lives through innovative clinical solutions. 
“AIRIS-TB isn't just about tech advancement; it's about reshaping healthcare delivery and experience. It is a powerful testament to the synergy of the assets of our group, which aim to solve pressing health challenges with technological innovation, setting new global standards in TB screening.” 
M42 plans to deploy the tool on Malaffi, Abu Dhabi’s Health Information Exchange operated by M42’s Abu Dhabi Health Data Services, where other screening providers can potentially utilize it for their operations. 
Key stride
Kareem Shahin, Chief Executive Officer of M42’s Abu Dhabi Health Data Services, added: “We are proud to have been part of a team of experts who led the development of AIRIS-TB. Deployed at M42’s flagship visa screening facility, Capital Health Screening Centre, it represents a significant stride forward for medical technology in the UAE. 
“We believe in the transformative power of collaboration. This tool streamlines the screening process and improves diagnostic precision. Our focus remains on optimising patient care and ensuring healthcare professionals are supported by the most reliable tools. The potential implementation of AIRIS-TB in Malaffi will significantly increase access to this technology at Abu Dhabi’s healthcare facilities and screening centers looking to scale their operations, improve efficiencies and provide better care.” 
With its proven safety, efficacy and clinical impact, AIRIS-TB is set to redefine the standards and process for TB screening across the globe. 
Ali Alsaffar, Chief Executive Officer at Capital Health Screening Centre, said: “At our screening centre, the radiology team meticulously reviews thousands of scans daily, a process that is both manually intensive and demanding. While manual screening is limited by the number of scans a radiologist can review, AI presents a revolutionary change as it operates without such constraints. 
Eliminating wait times
“In normal cases, AI can eliminate wait times, providing rapid and efficient screening services, enabling us to serve an unprecedented large number of visa applicants and significantly improve the turn-around time. Our doctors can dedicate more time to intricate chest radiology findings, providing an important opportunistic detection capability, thereby enabling us to provide superior services for our visa applicants. As the model is scalable, we are looking forward to extending it to Adnoc Occupational Medical Centre, which is under our operation.”
M42 is dedicated to enhancing AIRIS-TB's capabilities and exploring its applications in other diagnostic areas, including screening of other diseases without changing the current workflow of TB screening.--TradeArabia News Service


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