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Saudi Arabia rejects Iran charge on parade attack

WASHINGTON, September 26, 2018

Saudi Arabia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has categorically rejected accusations made by Iranian officials about the kingdom's support for attacks on Iran's Military Parade on Saturday. 
An official of the ministry said Saudi Arabia's policy is clear about non-interference in the internal affairs of other countries and its comprehensive rejection of any interference in its internal affairs, a statement from the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia in Washington said. 
The Foreign Ministry source pointed out that"the kingdom is used to such false statements from a regime that can only lie and deceive and blame other countries to cover for its failure to achieve the aspirations of its people. A while back,  the Iranian regime accused the kingdom that it was behind the collapse of the Iranian economy, choosing to blame the kingdom instead of looking at their dangerous behavior, which led them to waste their people's wealth in order to support terrorist groups and spread ballistic missiles in the region."
"The Iranian regime continues to interfere in the affairs of neighbouring countries, as it remains the biggest sponsor of terrorism in the region and the world, sowing destruction, sectarianism and extremism, and wasting the wealth of its people on expansionist agendas and brutal aggression," it said.
The source added that the kingdom recommends the Iranian regime to follow a new path and behave as a responsible country, seeking the well-being and stability of its people instead of wasting the people's ability to support terrorist groups, sectarianism and extremism. 
"We call upon the Iranian regime to deal with other countries on the principle of good neighborliness and respect for international laws and norms," it said.

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