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The 2024 VX

Exeed launches cutting edge, family-friendly SUV

DUBAI, May 6, 2024

Exeed, the premium automotive brand represented by Al Ghurair Motors, has introduced the 2024 VX, setting the standard for a family-friendly SUV, combining ultimate comfort, advanced safety, and premium driving experience. 
Committed to elevating family travel, Exeed by Al Ghurair, launches its exciting exclusive offer, valid until June 2024, welcoming families across the UAE to purchase their new SUV at competitive prices. 
A cabin tailored for families
The 2024 VX offers customisable cabin configurations with seating options that include up to six or seven seats, ensuring ample space for every family member. The plush interiors feature a 40.6-inch triplex display screen that will, transform family trips into cinematic adventures for kids. The introduction of ‘Baby Mode’ automatically locks all doors, ensuring the utmost safety for the youngest passengers. ‘Queen Mode’ enables the passenger seat to recline, offering the ultimate passenger comfort and luxury experience during every journey.
Safety as the cornerstone
For the 2024 VX, safety transcends a mere feature; it forms the very foundation upon which every family journey is built. It boasts a comprehensive suite of 26 Active Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), including the proactive Front Collision Warning (FCW) and the intuitive Speed Limit Assistance (SLA). 
The SLA, with its front camera sensor, recognises speed limit signs and offers the driver both a warning and the discretion to adjust speed, marrying technology with the driver's judgement for a safer driving experience.
Passive safety features further underscore the vehicle's protective instincts, with 10 strategically placed airbags ready to deploy when needed. The robust integrated cage body structure is composed of 85% high-strength steel, including a B-pillar built to withstand high-impact collisions, reflective of Exeed's stringent safety protocols that align with the Global NCAP five-star standard.
In a testament to its durability and safety, the VX has excelled in collision tests, notably achieving China's first 128kph high-speed collision test with remarkable scores. The VX is a vehicle engineered for families, offering them a fortress of safety on every journey.
Innovative features
The 2024 VX also introduces an elevated auditory experience with speakers strategically positioned above the headrests. This design ensures that navigation instructions and phone calls are delivered with clarity directly to the driver, without interfering with the overall cabin audio. 
It is an innovative approach that not only enhances driver concentration but also envelops all passengers in a more immersive and enthralling audio experience, complemented by ambient lighting for an all-encompassing sensory journey.
The 2024 VX serves as a sanctuary on wheels, featuring seat massage, heating, and ventilation features, ensuring comfort is not just reserved for home. Exeed takes comfort and ambience to the next level with a variety of car perfume features as part of the 2024 VX’s ‘Sweet Atmosphere System’. 
Families can select an SUV scent according to their mood, such as the evocative ‘Rome in Light & Shadow’, vibrant and energetic ‘New York Sunset’ and mesmerising ‘Meteor Aurora’. The 2024 VX also offers a selection of exciting educational games, serving as great entertainment to engage children during long drives.
Furthering its commitment to a healthy cabin environment, the VX boasts a high-efficiency germ-inactivating element with an N95 level filtration system. Utilising the antimicrobial properties of copper, this advanced filtration system ensures that the air inside the vehicle is both clean and safe, providing families with additional protection against airborne contaminants.
Unmatched care and assurance 
Exeed by Al Ghurair launches its exclusive offer with families across the UAE in mind. This comprehensive package innovatively combines seven years of warranty up to 200,000 kilometres, seven years of roadside assistance, four years of vehicle servicing up to 80,000 kilometres, and one-year free insurance, setting a new benchmark in customer care. 
The exclusive offer is a clear reflection of the company’s dedication to fostering seamless and enjoyable driving experiences. It's an assurance that goes beyond the standard, empowering families to explore, discover, and create memories, knowing that their vehicle's care is in expert hands. It also makes owning the 2024 VX SUV accessible with flexible financing, leasing, and payment plans tailored to fit diverse budgets.--TradeArabia News Service


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