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Women occupy key positions at Fairmont Hotel Riyadh

Fairmont Hotel Riyadh's initiatives place women at the helm

RIYADH, 22 days ago

Fairmont Hotel Riyadh boasts an impressive representation of women in its leadership team, which it said reiterated its commitment to diversity, and nurtured an inclusive and empowering work environment.

The hotel’s female leaders play crucial roles in driving strategic initiatives, enhancing the guest experience, and fostering a culture of excellence, with their backgrounds and extensive expertise contributing to the property’s continued success and innovation.

Stéphanie Timsit, Director of Operations, Stephanie brings over a decade of experience in luxury hospitality, specialising in pre-opening operations and project management, having successfully led projects at some of the world's most luxurious properties.

Her journey embodies a relentless pursuit of excellence alongside a dedication to innovation within the hospitality realm, having devised seamless collaborations, drawing upon her extensive experience in project management and finance.

From overseeing refurbishment project to navigating complex financial landscapes amidst challenging operational environments, she has consistently demonstrated an ability to lead cross-functional teams towards extraordinary outcomes.

At Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, Stephanie spearheads daily operations, integrating all efforts across departments to elevate guests’ experiences to unprecedented levels of excellence.

Joining her in steering the property towards success is Maya Hoteit, the Director of Sales and Marketing.

With more than 18 years of experience, Maya has played a pivotal role in the success of various prestigious properties across the Middle East. Throughout her career, Maya has been responsible for developing hotel business plans and strategies, managing strategic account plans, and providing valuable customer insights to adapt to dynamic markets.

She has demonstrated a strong ability to foster community and public relations, deliver exceptional customer service, and establish key practices for sales and marketing. Adding to her repertoire of achievements, Maya has coached and developed team members with a commitment to fostering both professional growth and personal success.

Within her role, Maya is responsible for developing and strengthening relationships to drive revenue and achieve property-wide goals by implementing commercial strategies, developing campaigns and promotions.

Adding to this formidable lineup is Selma Kasdan, Director of Revenue Management. With a wealth of expertise from renowned properties in Turkey and Qatar, Selma brings strong skills in revenue optimisation and risk management to Fairmont Hotel Riyadh.

She has a proven track record in leadership and revenue management, having successfully led four properties in Doha. Selma has achieved remarkable success by driving significant incremental revenue and profit in creating effective rate offers and optimising booking strategies.

She also excels in tracking competitive pricing strategies, allowing the hotel to stay ahead in the market. In addition to her revenue management accomplishments, she has enhanced guest satisfaction through her leadership of the Royal Service department, fostering seamless communication and collaboration among key departments.

Lynn Mhanna, the Assistant Director of Sales and Marketing, is a seasoned luxury hotelier with over 15 years of experience. Her expertise in event management, revenue maximisation, business development, and team development ensures that the hotel's sales, catering, and marketing efforts are not just effective but exceptional.

Lynn has also spearheaded the hotel's sustainability efforts, crafting a comprehensive sustainability management plan and leading the hotel through the prestigious Green Globe certification process.

She oversees various sustainability initiatives, including waste management, energy conservation, and eco-friendly transportation programmes, ensuring that Fairmont Hotel Riyadh remains a leader in sustainable hospitality.

Dalal Al Rabah, Front Office Manager, brings a wealth of experience and dynamic energy to her role.

Previously, she excelled as an Assistant Sales Manager, where she was instrumental in driving revenue and sales, consistently surpassing targets.

Her exceptional skills and dedication propelled her to the position of Event Sales Manager, where she orchestrated events, leaving a lasting impression on clients and guests alike.

In her current role, Dalal oversees daily Front Office operations, ensuring exceptional guest service, managing the front desk team, as well as coordinating with key departments to maintain smooth and efficient service.

Additionally, she is known for fostering a positive and engaging work environment by organizing activities for her team, further enhancing team morale and unity.

As the Housekeeping Executive, Martina Vlahovic brings a diverse background and proficiency in multiple languages, enriching her approach to guest satisfaction.

Previously, she has managed a team of 140 team members at a five-star property, ensuring the highest standards of cleanliness and safety, alongside efficiently managing the team by focusing on development, training, performance management, and policy enforcement.

Her international experience, including working in the US and Montenegro, deepens her ability to deliver exceptional service. At Fairmont Hotel Riyadh, Martina oversees all aspects of housekeeping operations, from maintaining impeccable cleanliness and hygiene standards, to implementing innovative strategies for efficiency and sustainability.

"We are incredibly proud to have such a talented group of women leading our teams," said General Manager for Fairmont Hotel Riyadh Rolf Lippuner.

"Their expertise and fresh perspectives drive our success and elevate the guest experience daily. Their leadership gives us a competitive edge, setting a benchmark for excellence and inspiring the industry to value diverse leadership. Additionally, their success stories motivate others to break barriers and pursue their dreams."



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