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Lincoln showcases new MKC model at Gitex

DUBAI, October 13, 2014

Lincoln, an automotive luxury brand, is showcasing its all-new 2015 Lincoln MKC small premium utility vehicle as the official smart car of Gitex technology week, which is currently underway in Dubai, UAE.

The Lincoln MKC follows the MKZ sedan to become the second all-new Lincoln product in two years. The Middle East region can look forward to continued innovation in the Lincoln product line, with the refreshed Lincoln Navigator full-size SUV just around the corner, and the all-new Lincoln MKX luxury crossover expected by 2016, the company said.

Matt VanDyke, global Lincoln director, said: “The MKC is Lincoln’s compelling offer in the fast-growing small premium utility segment where we see a lot of demand, this segment has grown globally by 25 per cent since 2012 and by more than 200 per cent since 2009, representing a phenomenal opportunity for Lincoln.

Lincoln’s tie-up with Gitex is into its second consecutive year, with the Lincoln MKC building on the successful launch of the Lincoln MKZ sedan at Gitex 2013. The brand is also seeing growth opportunities across Middle Eastern markets with further momentum on the horizon thanks to more products on the way, according to Kalyana Sivagnanam, sales, marketing and Service director for Ford and Lincoln in Middle East and North Africa.

Sivagnanam said:  “Total Lincoln sales more than tripled over the past five years in the Middle East, and we expect the introduction of new products such as the MKC, together with our dealers’ investments in the brand to further grow the Lincoln volume by at least 25 per cent through 2019. We are working closely with our dealers to deliver a unique Lincoln luxury ownership experience as we dive deep into transforming Lincoln in the Middle East.”

Lincoln’s first-ever small utility vehicle delivers a combination of craftsmanship and performance that will make it stand out in the fast-growing small premium utility segment.

Featuring an all-new available 2.3-liter EcoBoost engine, the 2015 Lincoln MKC offers an excellent combination of horsepower, torque and fuel economy in a luxurious Lincoln standard.

The 2015 Lincoln MKC also uses advanced intuitive technologies to provide a luxuriously sporty and personalised ride with enhanced comfort and convenience.

These include:

•Approach Detection – The 2015 Lincoln MKC comes to life as its owner approaches and offers an inviting welcome. Approach detection enables the MKC to sense when the owner’s key fob comes within a range of up to 8 feet, farther than any vehicle in the segment.

•MKC offers a personalized drive experience enabled by Lincoln drive control with a precise and smooth ride through use of continuously controlled damping, electric power assisted steering and active noise control.

•Class exclusive parallel park out assist (available as part of active park assist feature).

•BLIS with cross-traffic alert – Uses radar sensors to constantly monitor side of vehicle and alert driver (amber light in corresponding side view mirror) when vehicle enters blind spot zone.

•Lane keeping alert informs driver (steering wheel vibrates) when vehicle begins to wander out of its lane markings (due to driver distraction or fatigue).  

•Driver alert uses the front camera (mounted behind the rear view mirror) to monitor the drivers alertness or vigilance and issues a chime and pop up message to warn when vigilance threshold has been crossed

•Adaptive cruise control functions detect traffic in front of the vehicle slowing, the vehicle slows down, and resumes the set speed when sensors detect the traffic has cleared.

•Collision warning with brake upport – Sensors can detect a change in traffic conditions within 250 milliseconds.  The system, which is active at speeds above approximately 5 mph, is designed to alert the driver if sensors detect a potential collision with the car in front, by means of a heads up display, which simulates red brake lights, flashes on the windshield and an audible alert sounding.

The evolution of Lincoln design carries through to the interior, where craftsmanship, luxury materials and a high-tech environment is displayed - TradeArabia News Service

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